Charlotte Lindley Martin ~ hand-painted porcelain pottery

Taking Risks

Twenty-eight years ago I made my first pot. About six years ago I began ice-skating. These two very different worlds converge in me. From each one I have learned to take risks.

The act of gliding on the ice is like pulling clay’s slippery wetness into a pot. As the body moves graceful lines are etched on the expectant ice, as the hands pull graceful lines are imparted to the emerging pot. For both, learning becomes memory as the avid muscles orchestrate the dance.

The mystery of skating is in the edges, how the blade carves a path in the ice, edges inside, edges outside. The mystery of pots is in the edges as well, how the potter’s hands shape the inside and the outside to form a pot. Hands replace blades carving a path towards the pot’s becoming.

Control of the clay, control of the ice: muscles gather memory that expresses the soul’s essence. Taking risks, I have learned, is the pathway to essence.