Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I have been making pots for some 30 years, influenced by my English heritage that includes the folk traditions of Michael Cardew and the elegance of Lucie Rie.  My work has brought together two additional qualities, those of the handmade pots used in my mother’s kitchen and the highly decorative flower laden vases that embellished my paternal grandmother’s house.

I love the feel of porcelain, it’s softness and responsiveness to touch.  I made functional wheel thrown pottery using porcelain and a white tin glaze which were decorated with mason stains.  My abstract blossoms and leaves are directly influenced by the principles of Japanese Brush Painting.  I call these pots Hand Painted Porcelain.

Currently I am experimenting with form by hand building with “paper-clay”.   My painted flowers and leaves have become three-dimensional.  I fashion roses out of clay that cascade on and down my forms.  I am on an adventure into the world of highly embellished porcelains reminiscent of the Baroque and Rococo.  Inspired by the wonderful confections from these eras, my focus is on vases, centerpieces, and decorative “follies”. 

Folly meets function and delight meets utility.  I call my reimagined versions Rococo Revived.


Charlotte Lindley Martin is a utilitarian potter and teacher.

Charlotte was born in Surrey, England and spent her childhood living in England and Zurich, Switzerland. After meeting her American husband in Zurich, she emigrated to the US in 1980 and became a US citizen in 1982. She attended Philadelphia Collge of Art and received her BFA in Ceramics in 1985.

She has taught adults and children at the Wayne Art Center, Main Line Art Center, and is currently teaching at Whitemarsh Community Art Center. She is also on the Board of Directors at the Philadelphia Skating Club, her other passion!

Charlotte has participated in many local area crafts shows and exhibited in shows in the US. Her work will be in the upcoming book 500 Plates and Chargers published by Lark Books.


Early on in my career I began to search for a way to create functional pots with colorful decorated designs using the durability of high fire clay. Thus began maiolica at cone 6 which I call Hand Painted Porcelain.

All pots are made from mid-range (cone 6) porcelain clay. They are glazed with a studio mixed tin based white glaze and decorated with mason stains. The hand painted decoration is on the inside, the outside, and on the bottom of all pots. The best is the last – you turn the pot over and discover decoration that is just for you.

My designs and motifs are inspired by nature. I have studied Japanese brush painting and used those principles to make abstract visions of flowers and leaves.

I am influenced by historical pottery as well as traditional English pottery which I grew up with. I am constantly challenging myself to make forms that are full and rich. It gives me great satisfaction to see my pottery being used daily.


This pottery is lead-free, dish-washer safe and microwaveable.

To ensure years of enjoyment, care must be taken not to shock the clay. Baking dishes, with room temperature ingredients, should be placed in a cold oven. Remove to a draft-free dry surface. Teapots should be pre-warmed with hot tap water before slowly filling with boiling water. To heat food in the microwave, dishes should be completely filled to ensure even heating.