Rococo Revived – Paper Clay

Continuing my exploration of the world of highly embellished porcelains inspired by the Baroque and Rococo period, I am now hand building my ceramic objects using “Paper Clay or Fiber Clay” which is a process where organic recycled paper and fibers are added to the wet porcelain.  Paper Clay allows me to make very thin and delicate works in high fired porcelain. My flowers are made out of colored porcelain and slip is trailed and painted with colorful underglazes to present a feast for the eye.

Rococo Revived – White Series

Folly meets function and delight meets utility to produce usable yet elegant ware for the table.  With Rococo Revived, I create fanciful objects that pay homage to the past but enhance the well-lived present. In the White Series I am experimenting with form and surface by adding and reticulating soft wavy layers of clay that are reminiscent of lacy tablecloths.  Flowers have become three-dimensional and I am using the same white tin glaze with the addition of gold luster.

Hand Painted Porcelain

Early on in my career I began to search for a way to create functional pots with colorful decorated designs using the durability of high fire clay, thus was born maiolica at cone 6 that I call Hand Painted Porcelain.  These pots are glazed with a tin based white glaze and decorated with mason stains. My designs and motifs are inspired by nature. In addition, I have studied Japanese brush painting and used those principles to make abstract visions of flowers and leaves.

Garden Pots

Growing up in England has fostered my love of gardens and flowers.  Everywhere in my home country there is a profusion of flowers, whether in a window box, in a pot or in a garden.  Using a wonderful chocolate brown stoneware and subdued glazes the garden pots are sensuous and robust, complimenting the delicacy and subtlety of the flowers that fill them.